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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ron Paul for President?! . . . What would change?

Hey guys, tonight Im taking a break from my Marvelous Missadventures of Jeramie, and blogging about a much more important issue. As its not hard to see the economy in America is f*cked up. Im just 18 and I dont really pay taxes on my house, or even income taxes because I dont have a job, but still its  clearly easy to sense the tension in Americas economy. I honestly cant remember the last time I turned on the t.v. to hear good news about our "Growing National Debt". As of Tuesday, May 14th at 10:41 p.m. (eastern time zone) America owes
that means that just being a u.s. citizen you owe
Now I dont know about you but I dont have 6 figures to give out my ass to the Chinese government. So whats this mean?? We need a change! And I'm not talking about no "Obama Change" we need a real change. Someone who's gonna make a difference the Average citizen can tell. And who might do that for us? . . .
Yess people this is Ron Paul. What his main idea is to Strengthen our money. Basically we have all these jobs that used to be in america but they moved because the government taxed them too much. He wants to de regulate and bring these jobs back to america therefore building capital and Strengthening our economy.
Obviously, this is too broad of a subject to cover in one blog so I'll follow up once I find out more confirmed information


  1. I'm kinda glad I ain't American when I see that debt, painful

  2. It probably would be the same with anyone in charge and that's pretty bad