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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whats you Call of Duty Setup???

Well today I'm going to write about my call of duty setup. First let me start by saying this isnt the only gun class I use I switch between about 4 other classes also (Snipe, Rush, Galil, and Ak) . But this is the one I use when I want to get allot of kills.

Primary Weapon : Famas
Oh lord, the natorious  "Famas" I know right, Now some things Ive learned about this gun  is either A.) You love it or you Hate it, and B.) Its OVERPOWERED . Yes its true I dont care what you say the Famas is too Powerfull to have such low recoil. I can litterally go through a whole team of noobs if you have the extended mag. attatchment.  It does some good damage. The recoil isnt hell like the Ak, Commando , or  Galil.  And it reloads pretty quickly!

Primary Attatchment: Suppressor
I choose the suppressor because it doesnt  send all the noobs running to your position everytime you fire your weapon. I cant tell you how many times Ive missed a good 4+ kills because I didnt have a silencer. I f you like trying to get those long killstreaks and high k/d ratio, give the suppressor a try on your favorite weapon

Secondary Weapon: Akimbo Python's 
Snub NoseDual Wield
Why?!?! Im just gonna answer that by saying try it for yourself. Mee, personally, I suck with the regular Python but throw aan Akimbo on that boy and watch the kills stack up. These arepretty good for medium to close range kills when you run out of ammo for your Primary
Perk 1: Ghost Pro
I use ghost pro because i HATE getting mowed down by enemy air support. With Ghost Pro equipped it makes you INVISIBLE to enemy air support therefore still managing to rape the enemy when they have a Chopper and Uav's and all that good shtuff in the air

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro
Sleight of Hand
I use sleight of had pro because I hate how long it takes to reload and it imrpves your  A.D.T.S. (aim down the sights) speed! And for me this is what makes or breaks a kill in  a combat scenario. It allows you to engage/ disengage multiple enemies very rapidly which is a MUST in racking up kills

Perk 3: Marathon Pro 
I use Marathon because simply I think the other perks in this class are useless. I mean Marathon allows you to have unlimited sprint which is GREAT, if you know how to use it. . . 

Killstreak 1 : UAV
Spy Plane
I use the uav because I like to know where the enemy is. lol

Killstreak 2: Black Bird
I use the blackbird because I REALLY like to know where the enemy is :) lol.

Killstrak 3: Attack Dogs
I use attack dogs because I like dogs. Ha no really I use them because theyre a pain in the ass for the enemy to kill :) 

Well that was all I have to offer on Black Ops for now. . . Tell me your setups in a comment and I may make another one of these...


  1. I don't remember my MW2 or Black Ops classes. But I can tell you that in Cod 4 I rock the gold plated m60 and desert eagle :D

  2. I use the famas with silencer, ghost pro, hacker pro, and i forgot my third perk. Kill streak 1 is blackbird, 2 is helicopter, and i forgot 3.

  3. That's a good setup there Mike.

    And HELL YEAH! I remember the gold plated desert eagle <3 that baby was shweeet!


  4. I like your page's background. I saved it.

  5. Awesome! Do a review on new Hitman!

  6. I remember playing with my trusty MP5 and owning nubs online :)

  7. I use the galil as primary with either suppressor or double mag

    secondary: ballistic knife or strella

    semtex, nova gas and claymore

    perk 1: flack jacket or ghost
    perk 2:Hardened
    perk 3: tactical mask or hacker

    all pro of course

  8. COD is so awesome. Can't wait to get MW3. Liked your setups!

  9. swagerful blog you have here. following.

  10. My absolute favorite I'd say is the silenced Galil, ACOG Python, Ghost Pro, Slight of Hand Pro, and Hacker Pro. Killstreaks, I like to mix them up.

  11. I just keep my handy dandy sniper around.

  12. I just roll with whatever is working for me at the time, which changes constantly. Kinda hate it.

  13. Commando/Silencer
    Ghost Pro
    Sleight of Hand pro
    Hacker Pro (i think...)

  14. Not only did I use the gold plated m60 and deagle..... but I also camped

    .... on Killhouse ;D

  15. I just play regular - nice blog. Following.

  16. I only play Cod 4m so..

    AK-47 Red dot

    sleight of hand
    deep impact


  17. @last post

    That's COD 4 not cod 4m lol sorry

  18. Good ass setup.
    I'd stomp you.
    II Hellrises.
    Let's play xbox.
    Follow my shit.
    I'm following you now.

  19. great post, thx for sharing

  20. before i sold off my copy of blackops, i was rockin the FAMAS with red-dot and suppressor, the M9 i think with improved irons, and i cant remember my perks. but the FAMAS is notorious for being OP in every CoD game so far... for good reason, its a great gun.

    also, i dont know if this is a problem with just my computer, but the pictures or their links are broken.

  21. My setup: anything that shoots from the bit of the gun that goes bang, and anything that I can pick up.

    I like to consider myself good at FPS games, but I've never played COD beyond social fun. In those engagements, simply having bragging rights is the bestest.