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Friday, December 16, 2011

Who's gonna beour next President ?

Obama's "change" to a suckier America

Presidents Obama's time for an end has finally come. All the false-promisies of "hope" and "change" can finally be removed from the office and replaced by someone who actually knows how to run a government. I have a feeling this coming up election will be one of the most important elections in America's history. Seeing as our economy sucks and all these crazy bills being passed makes one consider anarchy.
But as fare as the next president. Im thinking
First, and most directly, he [Paul] does extremely well in polls. The organization of his grassroots support is not just excellent; it is remarkable, by historic and global measures. His ability to raise money from actual voters is second to none. His appeal to independents and swing voters is an order of magnitude greater than that of his competitors. Secondarily, he has more support from military personnel than all other candidates put together, if measured by donations; he has the most consistent voting record; he has the magical quality of not coming off as a politician; he oozes integrity and authenticity, and, as far as we know, he has a personal life and marriage that reflects deep stability and commitment

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What the fuck is a "good"-drug?!

Why Is Green, Red?
No, no no, before you get all on your defensive high-horse about "Weed is a drug!" "Weed Kills Brain Cells" "Weed is the gateway drug!!" . . . While SOME of this may be true, its not as more fiction than fact. 

FACT: Weed is a drug. 
Yeah this part is true. . . and unless youre some nudist who doesnt ever use medicine, take a cough drop, or consume vitamins, then you shouldnt have a problem with drugs either! . . . I mean think about it, Your dad comes home from a long day of work with his boss chewing his ass all day and he just wants to siit back relax and pop a cold brew, right? I mean there's nothing wrong with a grown man getting his job done, and having a drink to ease his day?
Well thats exactly how I use marijuana, I dont go out at 4am craving weed, I dont spend my last of anything to get weed, I dont get upset at all when I cant get weed. I just chill. Now with alcohol, I've seen grown men turn a friendly bar into a fighting cage all because somebody had too many drinks! ... You know what happens when you've smoked your ABSOLUTE LIMIT on marijuana???? . . . .you pass the fuck out. 

MYTH: Weed kills brain cells. 
You know where the knowledge behind that comes from? I've googled and googled, and the only legitimate trace that weed kills your brain cells comes from a report the U.s Government did in the 70's when outlawing the substance. Okay so by now your like "OMG HE JUST SAID IT HIMSELF!! WEED KILLS YOUR BRAIN CELLS! ITS IN A GOVERNMENT REPORT ITS GOTTA BE TRUEEE!!!"  Not Hardly. To determine if "Cannabis" (by its government name) had any effect on the human brain, they used our close of ken in the species tree "monkeys" . They put these gas mask on them and pumped them full of weed until the monkeys could not physically handle anymore (until they died) . Now when the monkeys where dead, and they were seeing how much weed you could smoke before it kills a monkey. They tottaled up that a 150 lb man would have to consume 21,000 joints in a 24hr sitting in order for him to over-dose. . But this doesnt say shit about your brain cells dying?? ...think outside the box. When someone dies of suffocation thats due to lack of oxygen to the brain, right?  (Keep in mind that when someone is drowning they lose brain-cells dues to the lack of oxygen to the brain) Well when pumping these little 8lb monkeys full of smoke. They failed to realized they were allowing a 0% air-to-cannabis ratio , therefor un-intentionally drowning the monkeys in smoke. Therefore, killing brain-cells. 
FAKE AS FUCK: Weed is the "Gate-way" drug, (it leads onto harder, mor addicting drugs)
Dude, I've been smoking weed consistently for about 4 years now, with all kinds of people, in all kinds of places. I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER DONE ANY OTHER DRUG BESIDES MARIJUANA. And i put that on the creator himself.
yes. weed does lead you to some shady places, with shady characters, and YEA I have been offered other, harder drugs other than marijuana. But the sad truth is, those who accept the hard drugs will be accepting them either way. With weed- or without.
Its all about your personal boundaries and personal will-power to not cross them. 

Stay true to yourself. Find out what you like and dis-like for yourself. Dont take anyones word autonomously.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


But If there IS a way...I shall find it 
Haha no seriously guys. . . I've come to a conclusion 7 months after I graduated high-school.... Im just not the type to hold a steady job in todays economy. I'm rude, a smartass, and I always think im right until proven otherwise. I mean these attributes just dont accompany a 9-5 very well. I think I'm gonna try my luck at those "stay at home call niggas all day" type  jobs.... I mean seems legit... You decide your own income basically. . . Yeah Imma go hit up craigs-list right now and I'll keep you guys updated on the Job-Hunt :D


Goood Morning hoesss! Ugh. idk why its 12 p.m. and I'm just nao waking up. . . .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 am can kiss my asthma


Damn those were the good times.... Now it seems all I care aboot is bitches and money and weed. . . .
.................I promise to have more infographic information in the future :p 


Haha im soo bored today and idk wtf to doo. . . Hmmm. . . Maybe ill just post a shitload of links from my favorites? iight. . . darkside

Seriously guys click the ads on my page :) 

Monday, December 12, 2011


......ahah jk all you stoners!!
Yeaaa, soo the Army thing didint work out! :(
.....I had a bunch of issues before the Urine Analysis from my 20+ hip surgeries when I was a kid. So yeaah , they didnt let me swear in but sent me home saying i'd need a waiver to get in the Army :(
I mean idk...I sorta planned on going into the military my whole life :/
Guess I can just stick around and try to make money the Civillian way....GAY!!!
......p.s. I had a party at my place and someone left a firepit. Bombass Firepit!! :) 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Damn Guys, . . . .Im Fucked

Yeah I go to Meps tomorrow. . .
And I smoke a blunt last friday. . . .
Ima try this 8 glasses of water shit and put the Dillution method to the GOVERNMENT test. .
Ill let ya know how it goes.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


OMG YOU GUYS. . . .i tottally forgot I have to take a drug test when I go in Wednesday for Meps.
Ive smoked alot of weed recently because I forgot I'd have to take another one. I passed the last drug test at my recruiters station by PURE LUCK.
and instructable for the dillution method would be apreciated greatly. . . .
....any tips on the "sure-jell" method??
. . .oh and the creatine and b-12, how much of those should I be taking?!?!?

Friday, June 17, 2011

So its official, Im Going into the Army. . . .

y Yeah its truue I signed up for the  Army. While it all seems fun right now. Im almost 90% percent sure its gonna be WAAY  harder than I expect. People are saying the Army isnt a good idea because "A war is about to start" and " You could die" quite frankly, I dont care. I mean my destiny is already pre-planned and determined there isn't anything I can do to stop whats supposed to happen. If I die, then it was for a noble cause. And if I don't thats even better. 
The job I signed up for is 19D (Cavalry Scout) basically what they do is go in front of the infantry and see where the bad guys are . Now the first thing people usually say is "Omg in front of the Infantry? You're gonna die!!" . . . .This is probably one of the most ignorant things Ive heard about this M. o. s. The MAIN objective of your training/ feild work is REMAIN UNDETECTED, and if the orders are given to engage a high profile target then we attack. So the way I look at it. As long as I'm good at what I do ( being stealthy, not making mistakes, knowing how to react when a situation Does go wrong ) I should be fine. 

Oh yeah, this is the gun I'll be shooting. . 
The M4 :) 
Im happy. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspired my Soccer Team . . .

As few of you may not know, I was the captain of my highschool soccer team last year. And when I say we worked out, we worked out. 
We would stretch, run, practice, then run somemore. Now as part of my being Captain Id constantly be trying to find ways to motivate my team. Id always pull the "You can do it" and "Just stop bitchin" and itd work for just that day. The one day, as we were stretching, we had some faggots talking and playing around so I told them we were gonna run 5 miles today, instead of 3. They all IMMEDIATELY started bitchin complaining, sighing. So this fat kid came up to me and was like "Jeramie, you know I have asthma I dont think I can run 5 miles" soo I was like yes you can. "We'll run 3, switch gears and finish the last two" He sighed and walked off in disbeliefe. Now ass we got to the 3rd mile I noticed the fat kid wasnt doing so well. He was like "JERAMIE, . . . I . . .Cant. . . Do . . this, I think im, about to die." Now me being an asshole I replied "Well die then". and continued on my sprint. . .

......Now I guess this made him mad and he finished the last 2 miles out of anguish. Afterwords. before practice let out, The team seemed mad at me. And after a staredown after stretches confirmed this I stood up and asked the team " Whats the problem guys"
... they then exclaimed that " In order to be a good Leader/Motivator i shouldnt say stuff like "Just Die then" " . . . . . . so this is when my Brave-Heart speech begins. . I said.
"Because you all might as well be dead. Seriously guys, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it'll spread into the rest of your life. It'll spread into your work, your morality, your intire being. There are no limits. There are trenches, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A true athlete/man must constantly exceed his own level" 

And I cant tell you guys how much this effected my team. We then went on to win State after that speech.
. . so I guess the whole lesson of the story is. . .

Motivation Works!

Ron Paul for President?! . . . What would change?

Hey guys, tonight Im taking a break from my Marvelous Missadventures of Jeramie, and blogging about a much more important issue. As its not hard to see the economy in America is f*cked up. Im just 18 and I dont really pay taxes on my house, or even income taxes because I dont have a job, but still its  clearly easy to sense the tension in Americas economy. I honestly cant remember the last time I turned on the t.v. to hear good news about our "Growing National Debt". As of Tuesday, May 14th at 10:41 p.m. (eastern time zone) America owes
that means that just being a u.s. citizen you owe
Now I dont know about you but I dont have 6 figures to give out my ass to the Chinese government. So whats this mean?? We need a change! And I'm not talking about no "Obama Change" we need a real change. Someone who's gonna make a difference the Average citizen can tell. And who might do that for us? . . .
Yess people this is Ron Paul. What his main idea is to Strengthen our money. Basically we have all these jobs that used to be in america but they moved because the government taxed them too much. He wants to de regulate and bring these jobs back to america therefore building capital and Strengthening our economy.
Obviously, this is too broad of a subject to cover in one blog so I'll follow up once I find out more confirmed information

Kicked Out Pt. 2!!

Hello fellow bloggers and whatnot. Well today im just. . .ehh . . . Idk I really just wanna get a job and get my own shit. but its like IMPOSSIBRU without a car/cell phone. . . Idk what to do until college starts. Even then im still not sure where Im gonna stay and what my main source of income is. . God the Marines are just calling my name. . . .

Monday, June 13, 2011


Yeah. . . I got kicked out. . . . AND ITS PRETTY SWEET! . . . No srsly guys. My dad came home yesterday all "Son, I am dissapoint" and started ramblin about "All you wanna do is derp with all yer herps" annd "All the Derp in the world couldnt Herp you right nao"

Soo mid of his Herp Derp Lecture I just grabbed my backpack I used last year and started packing my shit. The he was all like "Wut De HAil you think youre doing?!" I was just like ". . . leaving?" sooo he was all " haha you newfag at life get out there and get yo ass trolled, youll be whining to Ob (original Birther) to let you back in in notimes. . . . So I was like "okay im outty" then he's all "Give me your housekey, Cellhphone, and CARKEYS!!" . . now honestly yall i thought about backing out and sucking up to my dad but something yesterday told me to keep going. So I gave him the shit then walked out the door.

....................SHIT, I started thinking about where could I go but I'm foreveralone.jpg because I fuck over all my friends for Profits and lulz (seriously). . . Soo I walked to the river which is about 2 miles away from my house. And I know it may seem gay or watever but MAN that shit was fun. Like I was exploring every creepy warehouse and shit was FUNjpg.  . . . .Then after I got to the river I was like nowwut.jpg :( So I walked to Church because I thought I'd have some oldfriends there but as soon as I walked in I got a BAAAD gut feeling and immediately had to walk out. . . then I saw my ex of 2 yrs and sorta made me feel good. :)

...So after I left church I figured i'd go to my ONLY friends house but there was only 1 problem he lives in Smiths Station, about 5 miles from my house. haha So I figured "hmm it cant be that hard to hitchhike, they do it in the movies All dee time thee :3"  .. . . lets just say NOOONE picks up a stranger and my arm fucking hurts :( . . . .
Soo I got to my friends house and little did I know he was throwing a party! (last night) Soo I got pretty drunk for the first time and it was all good :D . . .  . .
What do you guys think I should do like Lifewise? I got a $5500 student grant coming in when College starts in August. . so what do until then???

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whats you Call of Duty Setup???

Well today I'm going to write about my call of duty setup. First let me start by saying this isnt the only gun class I use I switch between about 4 other classes also (Snipe, Rush, Galil, and Ak) . But this is the one I use when I want to get allot of kills.

Primary Weapon : Famas
Oh lord, the natorious  "Famas" I know right, Now some things Ive learned about this gun  is either A.) You love it or you Hate it, and B.) Its OVERPOWERED . Yes its true I dont care what you say the Famas is too Powerfull to have such low recoil. I can litterally go through a whole team of noobs if you have the extended mag. attatchment.  It does some good damage. The recoil isnt hell like the Ak, Commando , or  Galil.  And it reloads pretty quickly!

Primary Attatchment: Suppressor
I choose the suppressor because it doesnt  send all the noobs running to your position everytime you fire your weapon. I cant tell you how many times Ive missed a good 4+ kills because I didnt have a silencer. I f you like trying to get those long killstreaks and high k/d ratio, give the suppressor a try on your favorite weapon

Secondary Weapon: Akimbo Python's 
Snub NoseDual Wield
Why?!?! Im just gonna answer that by saying try it for yourself. Mee, personally, I suck with the regular Python but throw aan Akimbo on that boy and watch the kills stack up. These arepretty good for medium to close range kills when you run out of ammo for your Primary
Perk 1: Ghost Pro
I use ghost pro because i HATE getting mowed down by enemy air support. With Ghost Pro equipped it makes you INVISIBLE to enemy air support therefore still managing to rape the enemy when they have a Chopper and Uav's and all that good shtuff in the air

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro
Sleight of Hand
I use sleight of had pro because I hate how long it takes to reload and it imrpves your  A.D.T.S. (aim down the sights) speed! And for me this is what makes or breaks a kill in  a combat scenario. It allows you to engage/ disengage multiple enemies very rapidly which is a MUST in racking up kills

Perk 3: Marathon Pro 
I use Marathon because simply I think the other perks in this class are useless. I mean Marathon allows you to have unlimited sprint which is GREAT, if you know how to use it. . . 

Killstreak 1 : UAV
Spy Plane
I use the uav because I like to know where the enemy is. lol

Killstreak 2: Black Bird
I use the blackbird because I REALLY like to know where the enemy is :) lol.

Killstrak 3: Attack Dogs
I use attack dogs because I like dogs. Ha no really I use them because theyre a pain in the ass for the enemy to kill :) 

Well that was all I have to offer on Black Ops for now. . . Tell me your setups in a comment and I may make another one of these...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Muchies When You're High.

Okay so first of all this came about after me and my girlfriend just got through smoking a blunt and I showed her my blogger account and asked "what should my next blog be about" . . . . Then after a brief pause she said "Good Muchies When youre High!" Soo yeah.... Here we go?

  1. Sour Patch Kids, 
  2. Cheesy Nachos from Taco Bell (Theyre only 89 cents!!) 
  3. Loaded Potatoe Skins from T.G.I. Fridays!! You can find them in the frozen food section of your local Wal-Mart / Cost-Co 
  4. Fried Chicken! Head to your local Kfc for this!!
  5. Cookie/ Apple Pies from McDonalds!! These things are DELICIOUS!!"perfect for when youre baked"

...Not done yet... Tell me what to add in a comment!

SMOKING: how to get away with it.

Hello everyone, today I am here to teach you how to Smoke and Get away with it. Now at first you may say smoke what? And I'm just gonna say its up to you! Smoke plastic, smoke tobacco, smoke imbalming fluid idc. Im just here to show you how to get away with it. 

  1. Don't Get Caught In the Act
          I dont care what you say/ do . Getting caught in the act is the NUMBER ONE thing wrong you can do  when trying to get away with smoking. Because for one if they see you do it there is nothing you can say to convince them otherwise. Even if you think you are in the clear, be carefull where youre smoking at and who can see you..
Don't Smell Like Smoke
          This is an obvious one but still, sometimes noobs over look it. After you smoke spray yourselves. I;ve found the $3.99 BluntBlocker you can find at gas stations to be very effective. And it doesnt smell like shit. But still if you dont have the money cologne or Febreeze works. Now for you dumb asses, When you smoke you're nose gets used to the smell of smoke therefore  if you or anyone else you've been smoking with smells your clothes, they're probably not gonna smell it. Same thing as when you get into a cigarette smokers car and you think it stinks but they cant smell it at all

          Yess its true, DONT be paranoid! It makes you look stupid and usually people arent even looking at you. 

Dont Go Home If Youre High
          Yess its easy to notice even though you may think youre acting "Completely Straight" . . .

          "Once you smoke for a few years, going home high isn't a problem if you have eyedrops. Prior to that, stay away from teachers and family members =3" good advice "

Well thats all I can think of for now. . . Post a comment if you think I forgot something and Ill be sure to add it!

Oh the things youll come across on the internet....

I'm just gonna leave this here. . . .Tell me what you thinka (2625).jpg

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lil Wayne Tries To Sing?!??

Yes, its true. . . Lil Wayne is singing in his new song "How To Love". Me, personally, I like it. I like the guitar,I like the lyrics, and I like the beat. . . Tell me what you think!!

Modern Ware Fare 3 Leaked?!?!

Yeah guys its true. . real pictures confirmed. . .tell me what you think

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Three Best Things in life (and why theyre the best)

Well No homo on this one but I'm gonna say the Number 1 best thing in life is LOVE. . . I know its sappy but just think where would all of us be today if we didnt have that "love" for what we do. . We'd all be sorry good for nothings. Love is that passion inside us that drives us to almost insane limits to satisfy our inner selves...

Number 2, Im gonna have to say is MONEY!! I dont care who you are, you LIKE money. In todays world/economy money litterally does make the world go around. And if you dont have money you cant afford  what you need to be happy (food, shelter, clothing) Soo yeah. 

And Lastly but DEFFINATELY not least is .... Marijuana!! Theres no reason to write a whole paragraph on this. If you dont know why, try it. I promise its not gonna kill you

June 9th, 2011

Random Picture of the Day:

Random Video of the Day:

Random Quote of the Day: 
"Dont think just because you use drugs you'll go to jail, .... and drugs are very expensive in jail by the way..." 
John Hardwick